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NHS Transition: Essex Cancer Network

Please note that, as of 28th March 2013, the Essex Cancer Network will close and staff and functions will be incorporated into the East of England Strategic Clinical Network (SCN). The SCN will cover the geography of the old Anglia Cancer Network, Essex Cancer Network and Mount Vernon Cancer Network. The new clinical network will continue to work to improve cancer outcomes across the East of England.

The Essex Cancer Network itself will continue as a partnership between Service Providers and Clinical Commissioning Groups across North East, Mid, South East and South West Essex working on improving cancer services across all tumour groups. Support for Network Site Specific Groups (NSSGs) and Cross Cutting Groups (CCGs) will be provided on an interim basis by Kate Patience, Macmillan Rehabilitation and Survivorship Lead (kate.patience@nhs.net).

For clinical documents please find the relevant group under the 'network info' or 'members' tab.


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Welcome to the Essex Cancer Network Website.

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